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February 3, 2012

Is Growth Really Inclusive in India?

September 13, 2010

Afghanistan: The state of women's rights is still a concern


August 25, 2010

Lone Afghan woman prez candidate bats for women's rights


March 30, 2010

The right to food is a women’s issue


July 8, 2008 – Press Conference with Ms. Maria Virginia Bras Gomes, UN Committee Member on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Portugal.


UN Committee wants more from India on human rights, IANS,

Radio Coverage on AIR FM GOLD on 17th July 08, Download – English, Hindi


June 24, 2008 – Public Release of Fact-Finding Mission Report 1 –Dalit Women in Rajasthan, Status of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


Mindset towards Dalit must change – Report, Rajasthan Patrika.

Argument against the condition of Dalit Women in Rajasthan, Mahaka Bharat.

Dalit Women Invisible Citizen – Report, The Hindu

Argument for Dalit Women Report, Danik Navjyoti

Awareness for Dalit Women – Sumitra Singh, Mahaka Bharat

Organizations step forward for Dalits, Daily News

Worried for misuse of Dowry and Dalit laws, Rajisthan Patrika

Law should not be misused – Sumitra Singh, Danik Bhaskar

Aware Dalit women about their Rights – Sumitra Singh, Rashtriyadoot


May 5, 2008 – Release of NGO report by Smt. Sayeeda Hameed


High growth, but no rights for women, South Asian Media Net

Social Security a dream for most Indian Workforce, Mangalorean

80% Indian don’t get enough to eat, Mint

Tourism projects a bane for local community: report, IANS

India has Failed to Provide Basic Entitlements to its People,


Mar 02, 2008

Govt. silence on the issues of Social Security of Unorganized Sector Workers, Bharat Aajkal


Feb 27, 2008

Govt. failed to provide Social Security 42 Crores and 26 Lakhs Unorganized Sector Workers, Jansatta


Nov 14, 2007

14 NGOs opposed the Social Security Bill for Unorganized Workers of Labour Ministry – Danik Bhaskar


Nov 14, 2007

NGOs demanded modification in Social Security Bill – Danik Jagran


Dec 29, 2006

Dalit Women’s will Survey for their Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Rajasthan Patrika